The guard tells you, that in Italy there’s an old woman called Befana.

The guard tells you, that in Italy there's an old woman called Befana.

Children put up socks next to their chimneys for gifts when they’re expecting a visit from her. On the night of the Epiphany, Befana comes to the house through the chimney and leaves presents for the children who are good and ash for those who are bad. It is also said, that if the people who reside in the house are good, she also sweeps the floor before she leaves. This old woman is usually depicted flying on a broom, dressed in black with a sack of gifts and candies. Does any of this sound familiar?

In front of you is a chess board. The odd thing is that all of the figures on the board are glued in place, including the ones on the side. Can you find the keyword?

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