Joker House


Where to look for the best SHOW in Vilnius?

To be memorable, original, emotional, interactive?

We invite you to visit Joker’s house.

You will enter a house where very strange events are taking place.

To a house that doesn’t look quite like many of yours…

Not that place, not that door, not that house, not that SHOW…

Take a risk and get into an adventure.

Joker house is a cocktail of escape rooms, interactive theater, amusement parks, show programs, team building elements, prepared for your team.

Surprising, intimidating, unexpected, intriguing!

Waiting for you:
– 250 m2 space;
– Actors;
– Many interesting tasks;
– Attractions;
– Interactive action;
– Kilowatts of sound and special effects;
– A good dose of tension, surprises and fears ..

The game is in Lithuanian. Russian, Polish and English are available.