Here tasks and puzzles play the second fiddle, because, at any moment, something unimaginable can happen.

You won’t be able to exit the world of the game until the very end. Losing the grip on reality is so simple…

Players move around constantly, and the second you start believing that everything’s coming to an end will be the same second it starts again.

The 700 m2 space in Spaudos rūmai is divided into various sections and booming with special lighting and sound effects.

However, the most impressive element of the game is the team of professional theatre actors, and their acting – be that during the main action scenes or a variety of improvisations and intrigues prepared especially for you – will make your skin crawl… with excitement.

It’s an intriguing, thrilling and stimulating game that will sometimes force you into making bald decisions and provide you with a possibility to test your own limits. Trust only yourself irrespective of how well you know your teammates – there are plenty of individual tasks in the game as well.

If you are willing to try, the game starts with an invitation to a secret club, where you are presented with a password. And so begins the decent into alternative reality, where you can test your personal limits, courage and abilities to react in stressful situations.

The players get tangled up in a mysterious story and find themselves inside a movie or a performance, the course of which depends on their decisions and actions.
The game is played by teams of 2-6 people.

Mysteria – the thriller game for adults only and it’s included erotic elements.