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I-VII 11:00 - 22:00


  1. The duration of one game is 45 min.
  1. The game is played in full darkness; various elements to highten fear and fright are used during the game.
  1. The main goal of a team is to find the way out of the maze in 45 minutes, without being trapped. In order to do that, the team will have to fing all the hideouts with clues.
  1. No cellphones, notepads, writing tools, etc. are allowed to be taken to the maze.
  1. It is PROHIBITED to run, jump, climb the walls or try to reach the top of the walls in any other way, make sudden moves and push one another.
  1. There are people called "Labyrinthus Guardians" in the maze. They are specially trained employees. It is strictly prohibited to show aggression towards them, to touch them or use any kind of force against them. Each Labyrinthus Guardian may inform about the additional rules during the game. The script of the game can be changed according to the curcumstances.
  2. There are a lot of doors, curtains, hidden niches in the maze – they are allowed to be opened and should be opened during the course of the game. However, any kind of destruction of the maze structure or its elements is prohibited.
  3. If any of the rules are broken, the coordinator has the right to stop the game for the whole team. If that happens, there will not be a refund for the game.


2-16 players can participate in the game. The script of the game depends on the number of  players. The final number of players must be specified whilst booking the time of the game, but no later than 6 hours before the game begins. Recommended age of the participants is from 12 years old. Children from 7 to 12 years old are allowed to participate in the game with adults only (18+). *There is a special programme for children till 12 years old.
ATTENTION! When a pregnant women participates in  the game, intensity and stressfulness of that game is reduced to the lowest level. You must inform the coordinator about any pregnant woman coming to play in advance. We recommend to wear  comfortable clothes.    
PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE INFORMATION PLEASE BELOW: People who are under the influence of alcohol or any other kind of illegal substances are not allowed into the maze. It is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol or use any kind of illegal substances in the area of the maze. The whole team is disqualified if the maze coordinator notices even a single player drinking alcohol (including beer) or using any kind of illegal substances in the maze. If players have any chronic deseases (any kind of heart, lungs, mental problems, epilepsy, claustrophobia etc.), Labyrinthus workers must be informed before the game starts!!!!